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What is a tooth filling and why is it needed?

Do you have a cavity? Teeth can decay for a number of reasons, including:

  • High sugar consumption
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • A chip or fracture
  • Dry mouth
  • Compromised or weak enamel

While they aren’t uncommon, cavities can lead to other dental issues if left untreated. The good news is, the most common cavity treatment comes in the form of dental fillings, which is a quick and easy procedure with little downtime. The decay in your tooth is cleaned and filled with a composite resin to seal the tooth, stop the spread of decay and restore the natural tooth form and function.

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Are dental fillings painful?

To prevent pain or discomfort during the tooth filling process, dentists typically use a local anesthetic to numb the area prior to filling the cavity. A numbing gel is often applied prior to the use of the anesthetic so that the pain from injection is minimized as well.
If you’re feeling anxious about dental fillings, let us know. We’re happy to discuss options and will ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible. We got you!

What’s the procedure for Waxhaw dental fillings?

Getting a tooth filling is a quick procedure that takes less than an hour and as little as 20 minutes for each cavity. Once the anesthetic has been injected and the cavity site is numb, a drilling instrument is used to remove decayed portions of the tooth inside the cavity. The cavity area is cleared of any debris or bacteria before the filling material is placed inside. The surface of the filling is then polished and finished for aesthetic purposes.

At MillBridge Dentistry, we’re ready to carefully look into your case and work together to offer the best and most comprehensive care.

How to prevent cavities in the future

  • NFloss daily and brush at least twice per day
  • NSchedule regular dental cleanings
  • NConsider getting dental sealants
  • NConsider getting fluoride treatments or use a flouride toothpaste
  • NDrink tap water (which contains fluoride)
  • NEat a healthy diet and avoid sugary drinks and snacks
  • NRinse your mouth after eating

Are Waxhaw dental fillings covered by dental insurance?

While insurance will sometimes cover certain types of oral treatments, it also depends on your insurance plan.

Our office accepts most major dental insurance, including the providers below. We’ll help you understand what your plan covers and what costs to expect.

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