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Same-day appointments available

No one in pain should have to wait to get help. If you have swelling, a toothache, broken tooth, or something else is troubling you, call our Waxhaw emergency dentists at (704) 665-7887. We often have same-day appointments available. We’ll do our best to see you as soon as possible. 

What to do if you have a dental emergency on the weekend

If your emergency is life threatening, call 911 right away. Otherwise, leave us a voicemail at (704) 665-7887. We reserve room in our schedule for urgent dental care and will get you in first thing Monday morning.

    In the meantime, use these at-home tricks to relieve any discomfort:

    • Take over-the-counter pain medication as directed
    • Gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater
    • Use a cold compress for 20 minutes
    • Place a warm, wet tea bag against the problem tooth

    We can help with…

    • NToothaches
    • NBroken or chipped teeth
    • NBroken crowns and fillings
    • NAbscesses or swelling
    • NKnocked-out-teeth

    Are dental emergencies covered by insurance?

    It depends on the dental insurance plan you have. Some plans will cover the cost of the emergency but charge a copay. Others will pay until a certain point and you’ll pay the rest out of pocket.

    We accept most major dental insurance, including the providers below. We’ll help you understand your coverage.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s considered a dental emergency?

    We define a dental emergency as any situation that requires immediate dental treatment to save a tooth, alleviate pain, treat an infection, or stop uncontrolled bleeding in the mouth. Our Waxhaw dental emergency team is here to help whenever you need us most.

    Will a toothache go away on its own?

    It’s possible that your toothache may lessen or even disappear, but this doesn’t mean the problem is solved. In fact, it’s likely the toothache will return even worse than before. The longer you wait, the more damage (and discomfort) you risk. Always seek help for a toothache right away.

    Is my tooth infected?

    Some common symptoms of a tooth infection include: 

    • Constant toothache
    • Lingering tooth sensitivity
    • Sore and sensitive jawbone
    • Swelling in the jaw or mouth

    Will my tooth need to be pulled?

    A toothache doesn’t always mean you need an extraction. Our emergency dentists will conduct a gentle examination and diagnosis. We may be able to fix the issue with a filling, crown, or root canal. If a dental extraction is necessary, we’ll outline what to expect and create a plan for replacing your tooth. 

    What should I do if I knock out a tooth?

    The sooner you seek treatment, the better your chances of saving your tooth. If you lost consciousness or are suffering from any other serious injuries, visit the local ER to treat those injuries first. If your tooth is still in one piece, pick it up by the crown (don’t touch the root) and rinse it off under running water (do not scrub it). Gently place the tooth back into the socket or in a jar of milk and call us right away to let us know what happened. 

    Hear from our patients

    The best dentist I’ve ever been to! I had an emergency and Dr. Anait provided me with very qualified assitance. Friendly staff and great place.

    – Lusine G.

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