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At MillBridge Dentistry, our focus is clear: your well-being and satisfaction. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch care while ensuring your comfort. Our commitment to excellence drives us to seek innovative solutions constantly, and we back it up with significant investments in the latest dental technology.

You’ll find cutting-edge dental equipment and advanced dental technology at our Waxhaw office. These investments improve your oral health and streamline your dental experience, making every appointment effortless and efficient.

Benefits of dental technology

A kinder, smoother dental experience. Ensuring your absolute comfort on every step of your oral health journey.

Precision diagnosis. Modern technology provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your oral health, unmatched in accuracy.

Successful treatment outcomes. Cutting-edge treatments and tools deliver a remarkable success rate.

A more radiant, healthier smile. State-of-the-art dental technology revolutionizes your overall oral well-being.

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At MillBridge Dentistry, our team is here to help you with effective treatments to restore your smile and improve your oral health. Contact us today to experience the future of dentistry!

Our advanced dental technology

At MillBridge Dentistry, our commitment to providing you with the best care is evident through the state-of-the-art equipment we use:

Intraoral Scanner

Say goodbye to uncomfortable and messy impression materials. Our advanced intraoral scanner offers a more pleasant and accurate way to capture detailed images of your mouth, ensuring a precise fit for treatments like crowns, braces, and more.

Digital X-Rays

Your safety is paramount to us. We’ve adopted digital x-rays, a safer alternative that exposes you to significantly less radiation compared to traditional x-ray methods. This technology gives us a comprehensive view of oral health with minimal risk.

Intraoral Camera

We use an intraoral camera to provide you with the best clinical view of your oral conditions. This tool enables us to examine your mouth with unmatched clarity, ensuring a precise diagnosis and allowing you to participate in your treatment plan actively.

With MillBridge Dentistry, you can trust that our investment in these innovative technologies enhances your experience and supports our commitment to your health and satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about dental technology

Is digital x-ray technology safe for patients?

Yes, digital x-ray technology is safe. It exposes patients to less radiation than traditional x-rays, making it a safer option for obtaining detailed images of the oral structures.

How does intraoral scanning improve dental procedures?

Intraoral scanning eliminates the need for messy impression materials and provides highly accurate digital images of the mouth. This precision enhances the fit and effectiveness of treatments like crowns, braces, and more.

Can I see the images from the intraoral camera during my dental appointment?

Many dental practices allow patients to view the images captured with the intraoral camera on a screen. This transparency helps patients better understand their oral health conditions and actively participate in their treatment plans.

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Most dental insurance covers a portion of your treatment. We also offer payment plan options to fit your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll verify your insurance coverage. You’ll always know what out-of-pocket investment to expect.

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