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Stop tooth decay before it starts and prevent future cavities

What are dental sealants and how do they help?

Worried fluoride and regular oral care won’t keep cavities at bay? When you want more protection from tooth decay, dental sealants are a great option.

A sealant acts as a shield for teeth that are at higher risk of decaying. That’s why molar sealants are the most common type of sealant. The chewing surfaces of these teeth are difficult to reach when brushing and flossing, making them more prone to cavities.

Sealants are often made with a resin-plastic material that’s spread in a thin layer on the chewing surface as a protective coating. The sealant fills in the deep grooves, pits and fissures of the molars where bacteria can thrive, effectively helping to prevent cavities.
While dental sealants do make teeth feel a bit different temporarily, they are clear or tooth-colored and are typically not visible when you talk or eat.

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Who can get dental sealants?

Sealants are most commonly placed in children since cavities are a risk as soon as teeth erupt. However, dental sealants are a recommended treatment even for some adults, since cavities are a risk at any age.

Adults that would benefit most from dental sealants include those that:

  • Maintain a poor diet
  • Suffer from dry mouth
  • Have a long history of tooth decay
  • Have sensitive teeth
Patients with dental sensitivity tend to find relief after a sealant for sensitive teeth is applied, since the sealant acts as a barrier for acids and substances with extreme hot or cold temperatures. However, it’s important for the dentist to determine the cause of the pain being experienced and correct it if possible prior to applying sealants.

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Cavity filling vs. sealant for teeth

Are sealants actually easier than simply getting a cavity filled?

While cavities that are caught early can be treated quickly and easily with a filling, preventing cavities with sealants is a preferable option for a few reasons:

  • 9Cavities weaken teeth, so preventing them keeps teeth stronger.
  • 9Applying dental sealants is painless and requires no anesthesia, unlike fillings.
  • 9It’s more expensive to get a cavity filled than to get a sealant for teeth.

What’s the process for applying Waxhaw dental sealants?

In order to adhere properly to the teeth, there are a few short steps that a dentist will perform in the dental sealant process.
  • Teeth are cleaned thoroughly so that bacteria isn’t trapped under the sealant.
  • Teeth are dried and an etching solution is applied to help with adhesion.
  • The solution is rinsed off and teeth are dried again before the sealant is painted onto the chewing surface.
  • A curing light is used to help the sealant material to dry faster.
  • The dried sealant is ground or worn a bit to ensure the patient’s bite isn’t impacted by the additional volume.
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How long do sealants last?

Dental sealants are known to work their cavity-preventing magic for up to 9 years after they’re placed. They do occasionally break or fall off of the tooth. If they do, they need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible to prevent bacteria from getting trapped and leading to tooth decay.

Are dental sealants covered by dental insurance?

There are a lot of dental plans that cover dental sealants in minor children, but in most cases, sealants for adults are not covered.

Our office accepts most major dental insurance, including the providers below. We’ll help you understand what your plan covers and what costs to expect.

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